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There was a time when I was productive. No seriously.

Every day I tell myself I’ll start writing tomorrow. Maybe I’ll write a song. Or maybe I’ll write a short...

I’m not dead

I’m just, you know, kind of busy. But that’s a thing, right? This weekend me and Peaches are taking the...

Let’s Talk About Religion in America.

First, imagine a giant park, one of those with football fields and soccer fields and basketball courts and baseball diamonds,...

Asimov, his 500 books: He Sort Of Had A Point There.

SO I recently read a book on writing. I’m guessing 90% of my posts include that phrase. You know what...

Covering Prince: The Impossible Dream

Somebody once asked me to play a Prince song at a show, and you know me, (let’s pretend) I’ll play...

Recording The Hits: Birth School Work Death

Let’s take a break from all this chit chat about design and writing. Let’s focus on music instead. It’s a...

Crossthreaded Video Open

Here’s a clip I enjoyed doing; it’s part 3D, part 2D, lots of explosions and loud guitars, humor and super-extreme...

Motion Graphics: The Book Trailer

Using available photography and music created in Garageband, I built this animated short to promote the best-seller-aware paranormal thriller Snapshot.

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Award-winning, patent-having, billions-in-revenue-generating Beau Hall is a creative renaissance man; spanning a wide array of disciplines from visual (design, illustration, animation, motion, video production) to aural, (producer, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist), to the written word, (published articles and an upcoming novel) to whatever you call interpretive dance.

Okay maybe not that last thing.

Rather than spawn a plethora of sites to capture the magic of each thing, I’ve put all my multi-colored eggs in this one basket. Sure, some of them might have an odd smell to them, but I’m okay with that.


That's how we do things sometimes.