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Writing the story, the book and the comic all at once.

A short little bash to my head with a syrup-covered feather pillow.

Taking 3D work to 2D comics

I'm not the only one! There's somebody else who uses 3D programs just to get reference points? Instead of, you know, making a 3D animation. Because that's so 2009.

Snapshot: Doing the designs

This is the moment I decide writing sucks and drawing doodles rocks. Because I've been writing for less than a year, and I've been drawing graphic novels for, well, never.

Sooo, graphic novel instead?

After reading a lot of books about writing, I've decided I'd rather draw.

Attack Of The Crackerbots

This is written proof that white guilt gets in the way of telling an interesting story. The Crackerbots were winning.

Leading A Band: Part 1 of 10

In this 25-part series, I’ll tell you how to lead a band. It’s that simple. How to control the dynamics,...

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