Posts by Beau Hall

The Outline

I wonder why nobody ever posts their story outlines in writer’s discussion boards. I’ve seen opening chapters, and mid-chapters, but...

Helping Death

My first death was a fortunate accident. I saw a kid get beat to death in seventh grade.

Short Story #7: A Fool’s Grin

Before you cut off my leg, let me tell you what happened.

The Stupid Rules of Creativity

You get it. You’re creative, or at least you think you are. We all do. You’ve got whatever it is...

Let Me Tell You About A Story

There’s two kinds of writers, I am told. There’s folks who’ll make up some characters, make up a situation, and...

You Can Write About Anything (poorly)!

Revisions are a fun thing. It’s that part of storytelling where you wonder what the hell you were thinking when...

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