Snapshot Art

Snapshot is a graphic novel I’m writing. Or working on. Or designing. Or drawing. Shit I don’t know. I’m doing it all. Hey, it’s not like you didn’t know I was scatterbrained.

What? Oh, hell YES I did finish my Nano Novel two days ago!

I've got A.D.D. I can walk away from anything and forget about it 4 minutes later. It's a gift.

Been awhile, eh?

I haven’t forgotten my story. But, of course, as with the story so far about this story, it’s changing and...

Thumbnails 1-15

I scribbled out a lot of pictures to tell a story. And apparently, I really like medium-shot eye-level pictures.

Just DO it already, wait hang on.

Can you believe it? I'm about to start getting ready to think about beginning to start to... you get the idea...

The Tools of These Trades

Any real craftsperson tells you how they do it. And so should I.

Writing the story, the book and the comic all at once.

A short little bash to my head with a syrup-covered feather pillow.

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