A Picture Of Dorian Gray is about Prince.

After being aware of Oscar Wilde’s story, I finally watched the movie, (don’t judge me, I’m lazy). Here’s the Dorian...

It’s like I write just to write more stuff.

Beta Readers. Those amazing prospectors who see the jewels first, still in the dirt, ugly and unpolished. I applaud you people.

What? Oh, hell YES I did finish my Nano Novel two days ago!

I've got A.D.D. I can walk away from anything and forget about it 4 minutes later. It's a gift.

Nano Compromise.

When I start thinking of it like that? I come to a crossroad. One road says, "fuck it don't waste your time" and the other says "You'd better get used to writing all night."

The Joy Of Writing, or, I Hate Writing. Take your pick.

Writing is awesome. I get to make up a story, and spin it, throw it against the wall, shake it...

Nano is up and I’m going!

It’s day two, and I’m up to 9,500 words! The goal is 50,000 by the end of the month. I’ve...

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