Animated Building Intro

I’ve become obsessed with connecting the 2D motion of flash with the 3D of, uh, 3D stuff. Maybe it’s because I’m just not that great a 3D modeler, so I accentuate the positive, (2 decades of flat vector animation) and hide the negative, (Pixar never called me back for an interview).

I digress. This thing looks fun, don’t it? I had fun building it. I think I’m going to do more like it.

I did this thing in After Effects. But I’m pretty certain it could have been built just as easily in Flash. But, since Flash is a dying art form, it looks like a lot of the greater aspects of Flash are moving into After Effects, or maybe they were always there, but the vector artists are migrating.

If the building looks familiar, it’s one of the locations from my book Snapshot. Not that the book has a photo of it, but a LOT of my artwork on this site possibly includes images of that building.

Well, now that I’ve searched, I don’t see any shots of the building. Probably just as well.