Been awhile, eh?

This is Mary. She can't get into her apartment building.

This is Mary. She can’t get into her apartment building.

I haven’t forgotten my story. But, of course, as with the story so far about this story, it’s changing and morphing again. This time, I’m bouncing it back over to a written story; and I’m going to knock it out in November for NaNoWriMo.

In fact, at this point, I’m guessing what I’m doing is writting an illustrated story. Instead of a graphic novel thing. Write some paragraphs, add a drawing. And then repeat.

But I’m going to post it as a blog kind of thing, in chapters. I doubt this would ever be a real book. I mean sure, I’d love that, but for now, I’m going to go with chapters and stuff.

How bout an excerpt?

Marvin is old. And tired. He’s been blackmailed almost all of his life; forced to clean up after Mary’s messes. Mary’s the serial killer, not Marvin. Mary was a shutterbug. She loved to document the variety of ways Marvin had to clean up her bodies. For over fifty years, she’s kept the photos safe and out of Marvin’s reach; if anything ever happened to Mary, the photos would be found. If Marvin ever turned her in, or decided to quit, the photos would be found. Except that tonight, Marvin finally found out where the photos were being stored. Now he just needs to find the photos before anyone else.

Josie works at an antiques/used camera store. One morning taking out the trash, she finds a photo of a shallow grave. In the shot, there’s a body, a shovel, and the feet of the person burying the body. The boots are old army boots with red duct tape over the toes, just like the ones her grandfather wears when he’s out in his garden.

Ronnie owns the camera store. Sometimes he buys old antique photos and sells them on ebay or out in front of his store. He typically finds the photos at auctions or estate sales. Today, over at U-Stor-It, he bought lot #54: 30 boxes of black and white photos, some looking as old as from the sisties, all taken around town. Two of the boxes labelled MARVIN contain photos of gruesome deaths and burials. He knows he should turn the photos over to the police, but he could sell these and save his store from going out of business. This is the kind of windfall a storage hunter dreams of.

And Mary? Mary’s the dead lady in the alley behind his store.


There. Hopefully that helps.

So yesterday, I bought another book on writing. Another one. Yes. You shut up you don’t know me.

I’ve decided I don’t need help on writing or drawing as much as I do on just the art of STORYTELLING.


WONDERBOOK: The Illustrated Guide To Creative Imaginative Fiction, or WONDERBOOKTIGTCIF for short, looks good. Lots of pretty pictures, diagrams, and an encouragement to use the stuff that works, and ignore the stuff that doesn’t. The end goal? Make your story interesting. And that’s what I want.

I picked it up at Barnes and Noble because I was too impatient to wait 5 days. So it cost me more. But click that image, go buy it on Amazon.