Do I deliver, or DO I DELIVER?

Welp. I’m almost on schedule with my commitment to write 500 words a day. If you count rewrites and edits, it was probably more like 2,000 but who’s counting?

The story is around 1700 words. I’m still working on it, still trying to figure out how to be subtle but clear enough about what I’m writing. There’s things at work here – mysterious things – and I’m a quite literal person. It’s hard for me to write Sci-Fi (or is this Fantasy?) because every movie I ever watch, I’m forcing logic into it. “What? There’s NO WAY Pinnochio’s nose could grow that long! How are his cells reproducing? He has NOT BEEN WATERED!”

But enough about that. Here’s my short story. I’m doing some short-story warm-ups as part of my big story. Each one of these will be just a glimpse into a part of a character’s thing. History? Character? The shit that makes you YOU?

Oh and warning, there’s boobies n stuff in this one.

Katie Makes Out, or DOES SHE?!?!?!

Side note: Any events you may or may not recognize as having happened in your teenage life or the teenage life of the author is 100% coincidental.

This is a picture of a brick house. There's a brick house in this story.

This is a picture of a brick house. There’s a brick house in this story.