I do so many things. So many.

So what on earth am I working on as far as my music? I couldn’t even tell you. These days, I have a hundred ideas a day, and follow up on none. How in the hell can I reign this in? There’s go to be some way to get this machine going.

I’ll tell you ONE thing I’ve figured out. Internet music is amazing but is also a knife in the heart of songwriting. At least for me.

Wait what why?

Back in the 80s, and the 90s, I’d think of a song I vaguely remember, and couldn’t get it out of my head, but simultaneously couldn’t actually GET that song… it was either on a CD I didn’t want to buy, or on some cassette I’d lost long ago, or maybe a B-side to a 45 that I played in a jukebox. (that’s a true one – INXS had a song, “Comin Home” on the flip side of, Listen Like Thieves maybe? Heard it in a Waffle House and loved it. Never heard it again. I wrote “If Only” just to preserve the groove since I couldn’t get my hands on that song).

In this day and age, I can get my hands on almost ANY SONG. So instead of picking apart the groove from my head and committing it to tape, I just pull up Spotify and search for that song.

Can’t find it there?

Try youtube. and LOOK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh4mjkHL4yY there it is.

I sear I haven’t heard this song in 30 years. I’m listening to the video now.

How crazy is that? You think of a song you heard only once, 30 years ago, and holy shit, there it is.

Which takes me back to my point. I used to create songs so I could jam out to tunes I couldn’t actually afford or find. And then I’d have to make up lyrics because I hate instrumentals. And from that, I ended up with a ton of songs.

It finally dawned on me a few months ago – my songwriting output has decreased almost inversely proportional to the availability of music available on the internet.

In the 2000s? I still wrote maybe 30 songs a year, (in the 90s? It was like 100 a year. Hey – not GOOD songs, but still…). Since 2010? I think I’ve written three new songs.

SO maybe it’s time to cancel my subscription to Spotify, kill my iTunes account, empty out my iPhone.

HAHAHA are you crazy I couldn’t do that. I love my jams too much.