I’m writing a book. The music will wait.

First let me be perfectly clear. I’m sure I’m going deaf, if I’m not already. I played a show on Saturday with my band, we tore that shit up. And since then, the ringing has been louder and more persistent.

Which is cool actually, because I really love F#. Such a great note.

Meanwhile. You’ve maybe seen a few of my posts over the past year (or two?) where I’ve talked about finally getting off my ass and finishing a record. Or starting a record. Or thinking about starting a record.

Or starting to think about thinking about starting a record.

Here’s the thing. A house with a wife and kids? It’s not a problem to record when they’re little kids, like 3, 4, even 5. But when they start going to bed later, you’re talking about a tighter window to get your ideas down, and they don’t fall right asleep, so there’s interruptions, and the creative juices, man, it’s like anything else for a middle-aged man. (OH FUCK it hurt to call myself that). Nothing flows as much as it used to.

But that’s all cool now. I’ve picked a creative outlet to keep my creative flow going! I know! I’m excited too! I’m writing a book. For now, I’m posting the chapters on here, for a few friends to check them out and give me some feedback.

I did the first draft as a part of the National Novel Writing Month, (NANOWRIMO) back in November. I wrote something like 52,000 words of a story. And I think it’s a good story. So I’m in the process of doing the revision now. And that’s what I’m posting on here.

By all means, if you somehow stumbled onto my site, I ask you, check it out. Tell me what you think. The fun thing about writing a book is the vast expanse for fuckups. With music, you’ve got 3 to 6 minutes to get all those mistakes in. With a book, you get pages and pages to write the wrong name, or wrong hair color, or forget that a person already died so they couldn’t possibly make a phone call.

Or COULD they!!!

(cue soap opera organ chord)