Just DO it already, wait hang on.

Oh I’m a legend. You just don’t know.

Instead of buying more books about stories, writing, drawing, themes, characters, and textures, hey why don’t I just scribble out what I have in mind, then start drawing the crap? There’s only so much research you can do before it’s called “procrastination” instead of “lerning.” (get it? heh. I spelled it bad.)

Since my ambition is to sell no copies but to make an online graphic novel comic book thing, what the hell, I’ve decided to go wide instead of tall. It makes for less scrolling, more enjoying.

I'm scribbling! SCRIBBLING I TELL YOU!

I’m scribbling! SCRIBBLING I TELL YOU!

You see that amazing line control! The way I capture the whole “people emoting with feeling” and “perspectivization” and SHADOWS? Yeah. I’ve got all that in there.

My secret? Chardonnay. You’d be amazed how much you can get done when you’ve got a glass of chardonnay sitting 2 feet away, and you only allow yourself to take a sip once you finished sketching/scribbling a damn panel. I really have a feeling of accomplishment, and a little buzz as well.

SO that whole script nonsense? Pssh. Just one more step to get in the way. So I’m taking my story and picking out the pace, the spots where I wanna draw attention on stuff. It’s going better than I thought.

ps. your mom.