Oh yeah? What have YOU been up to lately?

Writing’s been coming along. I’ve got an editor. Kind of. She’s super-busy with major players, and I’m a favor. And that works for me – I haven’t been able to commit so much time to my baby.

Why? I’ve been making other babies, that’s why.

Stories? Songs? No. Drawings? Kind of. I’ve been doing animations of sorts for The Weather Channel.

I’m using 3D software to make 30-second hybrid 2D cartoon shorts. It’s re-ignited my passion for this stuff. I have a dream of being an animator. I’m not good enough, (nor will ever be) to get the Pixar-type look, so I think this approach might be the closest it’ll get. I don’t know.

I’ve done eight so far. Working on more; and gonna try some other things too; not for weather, just for myself.

Gotta run. Keep it real.