Sooo, graphic novel instead?

My friend and writing mentor of sorts read the outline to my latest multi-page novel and suggested I attack it as a graphic novel instead. I like that. Makes it easier. I’m finding that I loathe descriptions… writing them, hinting at them, remembering that only I know what things look like until I tell you what they look like… crap like that.

Of course, the next question, can I draw? Or should I get somebody else to draw it? Dunno. I’m loving the artwork from 30 Days Of Night, by Ben Templesmith. So I’m going to muck around and try my hand at it. Because hey, when you self-publish, you have the option to never really exactly publish. It’s more like just kind of sort of publish if you get around to it.

But yeah – so – I gotta write it as a script. Except I’m already kind of into it as a story, so, what I’m doing for now… I’m writing it as the novel, and then turning it into the script, and then turning it into the graphic novel. If anything, it’ll help me work out my descriptions. Maybe it won’t be a graphic novel, but an illustrated novel.

Or not. I don’t know. Don’t judge me.