What? Oh, hell YES I did finish my Nano Novel two days ago!

I wrote somewhere between 50- and 55,000 words. (Depending on which thing you use to measure the word count).

And it’s a good story. With a good beginning, a good bad guy, a good good guy, even a good ending! And I finished it 8 days ahead of schedule! I think I got lucky, to be honest. I had back surgery in late October, so I spent a lot of time laying on my back at home. I didn’t come back to work until 11/20 or so, and by then I was up in the 40K range.

And, at that point, I had no real idea about the ending except, “the bad guy has to die, the hero has to get the girl, and it all has to hold the future of the world in precarious balance.” Yeah, those last few words kind of didn’t make sense, or they really made sense. I hate when I write like that.

Anyhooze. Returning to work forced me to stop writing and thinking and doodling about my story. And by doing that, the ending revealed itself to me! I’m not kidding! That’s some magic stuff right there.

So, I’ve typed “THE END” and saved and closed the document.

And then immediately opened it and started back at the beginning, scrutinizing every word and sentence and run on sentence and sentence fragment and how many times I used the word “and”.

The Revision phase. Where does it begin exactly?

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m doing revisions or just minor spellchecking/editing. Or a little of both. I’m not killing entire scenes yet, just reading stuff, wondering if I conveyed what I meant to say, and then going back and rewriting it five times until I’ve completely lost the original point of why I opened the damn document.


All the writing books I’ve kind of thumbed through, and all the writing websites I’ve bookmarked for later reading, they’ve all said, “Finish your manuscript and then take a vacation from it. Put it away, give it 6 months so you come back to it with fresh eyes.” I love this idea, but don’t know if I can do that.

Well sure I COULD. I’ve got A.D.D. I can walk away from anything and forget about it 4 minutes later. It’s a gift.

But with this thing – I’ve spent 7 months thinking about the idea of the story, refreshing it, coming a different way, and then another way. Thinking about making a comic. Or an animated story. Or a book.

Does it count as a vacation from your story if you don’t actually READ the story, but instead begin doing the artwork for the story? Oh I hope so because that’s what I’m going to do now. I’m going to draw illustrations for it. That’s right! Instead of a graphic novel thing, I think it’s just easier to go with adding illustrations.

And I’ll tell you why. I think I kind of suck at descriptions. I err on the side of NO descriptions, or then, go overboard with crap that takes the reader away from my story.

I’ll draw pictures. And I’m hoping as I draw them, it’ll help me further dissect my story and find the things that make it better than most stories, and cut away the parts that make it suck.

MAN I love storytelling. I do!