Under Construction? I’m ALWAYS under construction.

So. 2012. I’m going to commit to getting my 3D animation lern on. Music? Oh it’s there, but I think I’ve spent so much time (wasted?) recording and re-recording ideas that I’m not really driven to finalize – and a big part of that is that, well, I’ve got other things I’m interested in. I still love to play, love to record, and love the IDEA of writing, but I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think I’ve really written a complete song in maybe 3 years. I’ve written maybe 35 ideas that have kind of sort of almost been complete, but in the end, I lose interest. And I always think to myself, “well, shit, I’ve got so many songs I’ve already written, just re-do THOSE things you idiot”.

SO that’s where I’m at.

Digging through the vault, picking out some rare finds, polishing them up, and then going on to learn some 3D animation because I’ve always wanted to.

That’s what I am. Short attention spa HEY IS THAT A NICKEL.