Write more and record more. Wait WHAT.

I joined a Writers Group. We review each other’s work. People in there write real literature. And I’m writing horror trash. They use things like big words and proper punctuation and know the difference between a conjunction and a contraction.

Me? I’m two steps shy of stream-of-consciousness fiction. I kind of expected the group of 5 other writers to point and laugh as they critiqued my work. Or at least say “grow up spazz”.

But lo! None of that! They came with real ideas and solid suggestions! They came with thoughts on what a character was doing, or why, or asked me “what happens next!” Oh no! That means I have to continue!


And their stories? Fascinating stuff I’d never read in a million years. I have to wonder if my input and ideas for their stories is of any use to them at all, or do they think, “heh right, whatever filth-boy”. Maybe it’s a mix of both. Who knows. All I know is, they’re the catalyst I needed to keep pushing this lil’ fucker forward. This week? I make revisions based on their feedback, and try to get the next 2,500 words in order for their review.

Tiny Flying Mice Takin Shits!

Tiny Flying Mice Takin Shits!

That leads me to my challenge. This story – there’s a lot of tiny moving pieces. Not a lot of giant ones – there’s no elephant loose in the grocery store – there’s a lot of tiny mice taking shits in the cereal. How much attention should I give to that? Should I just SAY, “there’s mice taking shits everywhere.” or should I commit three chapters to a variety of instances of the mice crapping?

The A.D.D. in me says “just go with ‘mice taking shits everywhere’ and move on with the damn STORY”. Why? Because I’m not a literary genius. My specialty is in the story, not the words. I gotta remember that line.

Which takes me to the next step! Songs. A CD. Since I’ve been so focused on this book/story, I’ve been thinking about writing a concept CD to support the book. How fucking awesome would that be? Songs that somehow review what you just read, or provide the chorus, (in the greek theatre sense of the word) between chapters?

Sure. Sounds awesome and you know why? Because it’s not like millions of people are going to be consuming this. It’ll be me, and you. And you? You’re just me, reading this post later. Self-high-five bitch.