Desperately Seeking Producer/Collaborator? Maybe?

After blowing half my birthday trying to record and/or finish ANY of my half-recorded songs, I finally gave up. At least gave up on “I can do this all by myself and do it cheap and do it in my spare time”.

First reaction? Sell everything except one guitar, one amp, and a mic and move on.

Second reaction? Find Somebody To Do All This For/With me.

Here’s what I have: money, demos, and semi-finished tracks from those demos.

Here’s what I don’t have: time.

It’s frustrating as hell. I feel like I’m sitting on 20-30 songs, or more, that any ten could make a great CD that would sell — not tons, but enough to keep the Beau Buzz moving. There’s times where I think, “oh fine, screw it, just throw these demos on a disc and call it your new CD”. I could I guess, and pitch it to people as “a collection of snapshots of the artist in motion” or some crap.

I don’t know what to do. I DO know that I can’t record at my house anymore. All I end up doing is spending 2 hours setting things up, 1 hour finding the right song to work on, and then 1 hour wondering why the hell it’s taking so long and nothing is improving and my motivation is dead.

I’m thinking maybe step one is to get a producer. I want somebody that’ll make the record sound like I want it to, but don’t think I need/want to go into debt on a record that’ll never sell more 10,000 copies… and the producer would/should be more like a partner collaborator right? Somebody who likes the material, and will listen to the songs and contribute, fix, or declare a turd. Let THEM listen to the songs, listen to the tracks and determine what would make it better, maybe add their own crap or email me with stuff I should add. I could record individual parts at home and send the tracks back to them to add into the mix.

I’m liking that idea, but wondering what kind of a person would do something like that, and what would that be? A collaborator? A hired producer?

After rolling that all over my numb brain for 10 minutes I had a plan: post the raw tracks from one song, and open the invitation to anybody. Let them completely re-work that one song, and the one that is the most in line with what I want, I’d hire them for $1,000. Kind of like awarding a contract right?

But is $1,000 enough? Should I let them name their price and we negotiate it from there? I think that’s a more realistic approach. So a BASE of $500+negotiated fee? I’ve gotta ask somebody about all this. It sounds simple like it happens all the time, but I’m just kind of lost about what’s next.

Use Nevergonna – the newest one.