On Cussing

All the words in our language are colors. You’ve got the blues, greens, yellows, oranges, grays, and everything in between. Some words are boring pastels, and some are vibrant yellows.

Follow me so far? Okay.

As a painter, a designer, a photographer, a stylist, you use these colors. They convey feelings and emotions.

But see, the color red? There’s folks who just can’t tolerate the color red. So you have choices: paint and just leave out the color red, or continue to use the color red because, well dammit, it just makes your art complete; without it, you aren’t satisfied.

And besides – who cares if some people don’t like red? I don’t like brown but hey fuck it, it’s everywhere, it’s a part of the way we communicate in art.

But okay. After much deliberation and considering the possibility of getting my art out there, in front of more and more people, I agree to leave red out of my work.


So then, what about PINK?

“Well Mr. Hall, Pink is fine. But only after 9pm. Don’t use pink unless we know most of the Red-Fearers aren’t looking at your art.”

Say what? Come again?

But sure. Duly noted.

What about purple? That’s also got some red in it, but it’s over on the other side of the —

“Purple? Well, who’s your target audience? It’s not children is it?”