One Day, A CD I Shall Make. Hang on, phone’s ringing…

You know what works for me?

A clone.

That would just kick sweet productive ass, wouldn’t it? At the rate I’m going (about one song per month) I’ll be finished about the time I decide “oh I don’t like that music style I think I want to blah blah make blah acoustic slide guitar blues industrial acapella” music.

It happens. Between the work, the life, and the music, there’s only so much I can do. And when I get down to it, I feel a lot guilty that I really should be spending time with the princess or the kids, or the dog, or the house. The car. My own other things like creativity, art, writing. Your mom.

But enough about my problems let’s get on to the amazing task at hand. Finishing a CD.

And that right there is a damn teaser. I’ll never finish a CD. I’ll get it close to finished, then think of an idea that completely changes the song. Then I’ll jump in the studio (Hard Macaroni. Long story…) and knock out that new idea.

Do you know how many versions I currently have of Make Me Laugh? About 5. Under My Skin? 4. Does That Make You Feel Good? I think I’m on my 7th. I’m not sure – I’ve just started over-writing the music instead of starting a whole new session.

Here’s the latest version of FEELGOOD. I’m liking it. I think.

SO I think what I’m going to do is push myself to just knock these out, get them in a listenable state, and then toss them over to my producer and say “here. This is it. Any last requests?”

And it’s not because I don’t care about the songs. Quite the opposite. I’ve got a 24 year old son, and I’m still trying to make improvements to him (much to his disapproval). So, for the better of the music, work, and life, I’ve got to treat this thing as a paying client with a deadline.

Once the CD is finished I’ll be relieved right? Wrong. I’ll need to do stuff to make it reach all my fan. I’ve got to publish the CD, promote the CD, push for some kind of airplay somewhere, maybe score some interviews. You wanna help me with that? You’ve got connections, right?