Crossthreaded Video Open

Here’s a clip I enjoyed doing; it’s part 3D, part 2D, lots of explosions and loud guitars, humor and super-extreme...

Animated Building Intro

I’ve become obsessed with connecting the 2D motion of flash with the 3D of, uh, 3D stuff. Maybe it’s because...

Oh yeah? What have YOU been up to lately?

Writing’s been coming along. I’ve got an editor. Kind of. She’s super-busy with major players, and I’m a favor. And...

Taking 3D work to 2D comics

I'm not the only one! There's somebody else who uses 3D programs just to get reference points? Instead of, you know, making a 3D animation. Because that's so 2009.

Snapshot: Doing the designs

This is the moment I decide writing sucks and drawing doodles rocks. Because I've been writing for less than a year, and I've been drawing graphic novels for, well, never.