You Always (try to) Change the One You Love.

Back in my music-making days, I went into a recording studio to record my multi-plastic CD, UNH! It went to...

Boom the book has a summary!

It’s damn-near impossible to summarize 50,000 words into just one sentence, but I think I’ve done it. I’ve been wrestling...

It’s like I write just to write more stuff.

Beta Readers. Those amazing prospectors who see the jewels first, still in the dirt, ugly and unpolished. I applaud you people.

Working on the digital drawing tablet

I drew flies.

Just DO it already, wait hang on.

Can you believe it? I'm about to start getting ready to think about beginning to start to... you get the idea...

The Tools of These Trades

Any real craftsperson tells you how they do it. And so should I.

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