the internets are killing my creative world

Talking About Book Cover Design, Y’all.

It’s been awhile since I posted. I’ve tried to do it once a week, but NanoWrimo is upon me and...

I’ll tell you what I WANT to write.

I want to write stories like puzzles, not paintings. You see parts of it, and you have to figure out...

You Always (try to) Change the One You Love.

Back in my music-making days, I went into a recording studio to record my multi-plastic CD, UNH! It went to...

How Do You Publish Your Book?

Does your book have a thing that’ll grab your audience in a way no other book will? ¬†Figure that thing...

Thumbnails 1-15

I scribbled out a lot of pictures to tell a story. And apparently, I really like medium-shot eye-level pictures.

Writing the story, the book and the comic all at once.

A short little bash to my head with a syrup-covered feather pillow.

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