Crossthreaded Video Open

Here’s a clip I enjoyed doing; it’s part 3D, part 2D, lots of explosions and loud guitars, humor and super-extreme...

Motion Graphics: The Book Trailer

Using available photography and music created in Garageband, I built this animated short to promote the best-seller-aware paranormal thriller Snapshot.

More LIVE video from Darwin’s!

Another amazing night of amazingness amazinging. Melissa Plumlee is there, being the bad influence. This is one of those moments...

Live Video 12/17/2011, Darwin’s.

Live Video 12/17/2011, Darwin’s.

Another fantastic production from Mike Estes, cameraman extraordinaire. This was at Darwin’s Burgers and Blues, with Kirk Plunkett on bass,...

Live Videos

The incredible Mikel Estes makes some of the greatest live videos. Love his work. Especially when it’s focusing on me.