Let Me Tell You About A Story

There’s two kinds of writers, I am told.

There’s folks who’ll make up some characters, make up a situation, and just start writing, seeing how people interact, almost a free-form jazzercize exploration of your own dream. I like that idea, except my A.D.D. would result in the least interesting multiplex of overlaying incompleteness.

So there’s also folks who map it out. Some folks drill down to the micro level, some map it out scene by scene, me? I’ve really been enjoying doing both of those. Why? Because my story bored me. And my reasoning is, if I’m bored by the story, ain’t no way I’d expect anybody else to entertain more than a page or two.

Fun part though is that I can jump in and stir it all up. Smash things around, take my loaf of bread and make croutons, which will then get sprinkled into a salad.

And if that salad sucks? Throw it in a blender and make a healthy juicer shake thing.

And if that sucks? Add vodka.

I’m okay with that. Really – my story has gone from a nonviolent alien takeover story that was more about social media and followers, to becoming a story about a drug culture and aliens exploiting that addictive trait in humans – or – hell – I don’t even know.

So I suppose I’m combining both approaches – make the characters, set up a ton of backstory ideas that’ll drive the way people behave and steer towards big events, and then sit back and watch what happens.

Hmm. Might need to start dictating my story instead of typing.