It’s like I write just to write more stuff.

I finished the book!

No. I mean. I finished the manuscript! And I’m so lucky! I have a couple of harsh geniuses beta-reading it! They’re enduring all the spelling errors and words I typed twice, or maybe left out, all just to plod through the story to tell me what they think of it. Which is great – there’s nothing greater, NOTHING, than somebody taking the time to consider your creative output, and then to tell you what they think.

And with their feedback, I get to come back to the story and kind of start over again, again! But this time I’ve got some people giving me a lot of insight into the messes I’ve made, and the way cool statues I’ve erected among some of those messes.

Beta Readers. Those amazing prospectors who see the jewels first, still in the dirt, ugly and unpolished. I applaud you people.