Snapshot: Doing the designs

So hey, remember those stories I was writing? And finished the first one, but then abandoned it because the writing was bad and I didn’t know what I was doing? Maybe you didn’t know that part.

And then there was the time I started a second novel, (in July) and got really excited and then a friend of mine suggested I think of it like a graphic novel instead?

Well I’ve been doing that. And it’s coming along good. Here’s the fruits of my first weekend of labor of actually, really, doing it.

I don’t want to give the whole story away, but there’s a bad guy who’s old. And an old lady who’s a bit of a bitch. And then there’s the camera shoppe. Yes. It’s spelled that way because a camera shop is something one would find next to a horse and buggy supply store.

This was the first layout I did. It’s lacking a lot of detail but I really liked how dark it is.


Pretty raw and ugly.


Yes. FWOP. That sounds like a rain-soaked rap-tap-tapping at the door, yeah?


Just keep reminding yourself, “Beau is going to draw/paint over all of these so that coat won’t look like a bag of potatoes.


Yes. That’s disco queen sensation Sylvester behind the desk. Give me a break. It was 3am.


Bad guy needs to be thinking something about something. He hates the old lady.

Bad guy needs to be thinking something about something. He hates the old lady.


I think the setup is nice, but I need more DUN-DUN-DUN suspense. But it’s coming along.

After I finish this chapter, I’m going to go back and draw/paint the entire thing. These are all for setting up the shot, doing layout, and getting the right proportions on humans. I’ve discovered I’m horrible at drawing people. Probably because I never draw people.

I’ll keep you posted. Get it? “Posted” in a blog, it’s a post.