You Always (try to) Change the One You Love.

Back in my music-making days, I went into a recording studio to record my multi-plastic CD, UNH!

It went to number one in my car stereo, and number three in my wife’s. Go figure.

The original projected schedule was, “just get in and out, record a funk record with a punk ethos man; you know, just ka-pow do it!”

Did you get that? You see how many days I’d planned there? Weeks? Months?

The project ended up taking 130 hours over 7 weeks. Primarily because I had a wife, kid, day job, and no real timeline. Probably, mostly it was the “no real timeline” that led to taking so long.

I’m kind of at that point with the book now. I wrote the first draft in November, 2013. I revised it, revised it some more, worked with a writing group and revised it some more. I just got the story back from my editor, Julie Hutchings, and while I’m in there, making her suggested revisions, (which are all excellent suggestions, by the way) I find myself revising other little pieces here and there.

This is what art does. You start a thing, and by the time you’re done, you think, “oh, I could’ve done that one thing a little better there, now that I know what it’s going to be.”

And, with live music? That’s not an option. You gave birth to a baby — no, not a baby — a firework. And it shot up into the sky, it blew up for hundreds, (cough, okay, TENS) of people to see. And it was beautiful for that moment. If you, as the creator of that firework, ever see a photo of your firework, you think, “oh, damn, I should’ve added a little more yellow #5 in there” or something. It’s impossible not to. You had a vision.

In permanent art, (recordings, books, paintings, whatevers) it’s not really out there until you say, “okay, good enough. Launch this thing.”

And that’s where I am now. Kind of. The beauty to live music, live performing, is that, like Lorne Michaels says of Saturday Night Live, “It doesn’t go on because it’s ready. It goes on because it’s TIME to go on.”

I can sit on this damn thing for another 18 months. Tweaking motivations, phrasing, descriptions, all that. I have no timeline on this except my own.

At least I used to. NOW, I’m working with some folks, with a publisher, and I’m hoping to be held to a tighter schedule than, “meh whatevs dude.”

I’m thinking, it’ll be launched by September. Just in time for Labor Day. Who knows. Maybe sooner.

Or later.

Meh. Whatevs dude.