What’s a Blog Hop? Who Am I?

Last month I was contacted by author Josh Roseman, one of my writing mentors. He very graciously invited me to participate in a blog tour to help readers discover new writers. If you like spaceships sci-fi, and most recently kids in unusual family structures, he’s someone to watch. Find him online at http://roseplusman.tumblr.com/

And now, here are some things that you might find interesting:

What am I working on?

I am so deep into my second story that it’s hard to think of anything else. Snapshot is a horror/thriller (Horler?) with a splatter of comedy about a serial killer trying to retire and bury his secrets before his granddaughter finds out. But she’s got a photo of an old guy, looks a lot like him, burying a body. And he’s got a ghost that just annoys the shit out of him. Not haunting so much as a tween bugging you for donuts. I have those. Tweens. Not donuts.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Right now, staring at the screen, at that question, all I can think of is, “it’s not available to purchase yet? Maybe?” I’m sure there’s other things.

< It’s fast paced and people do things that make sense. You’ll never read the phrase, “this place is haunted, we should split up.” or “Say this book has incantations to raise the dead. Read it out loud!”

>  no zombies, heartthrob vampires, cars that kill. I love horror, but I’m disappointed at how hard it is to find something different, but still scary.

> A good laugh. My horror’s got to have some humor to it. People make jokes when they’re nervous, right? Ahy not add that to a story?

Why do I write what I do?

Do you watch movies a lot, and at the end of most of them think, “That was almost great, but, why didn’t they just get the hell out of the house? Use a phone? Stab the dead bad guy ten more times?

I started writing to look make people do the things you scream at the movie screen. Unfortunately, my first book was just two pages long.

So okay then, you need people to do stupid things to keep a story going. If they stop the killer on page two, what the hell else can you talk about? These are things I’m discovering. But dammit, I’m still committed to avoiding the obvious crappy plot lines like:

  • She loves him, she just doesn’t know he’s crazy
  • That guy is pretty fucking creepy, but notices
  • Only so many times can the killer happen to already be at the scene of the crime, Dexter.

How does my writing process work? I squeeze out the entire story in 30 days. (Thanks NanoWrimo!) And then I spend the next six months, (so far) dismantling the story, the characters, the location, the dialog, the motivation, the descriptions. I pick it apart, shift things around, and end up rewriting the entire story.

I stare into space. I walk the streets where my characters exist. I wonder if it’s believable that a person would do X? I put it all down and go record songs or draw pictures. I read it out loud.

I give it to other people to read. I make them read it. And then, when I can’t work on it any more, I start pitching it. After waiting a sensible amount of time, (like 4 or 5 hours), I go back to the story and revise it some more.

Meet more writers: As part of the blog tour, I’m going to recommend three more writers that you should check out. In alphabetical order, just as soon as I round them up. Unfortunately, most of my writer friends do not have blogs. I don’t understand it, but hey, I suppose some people don’t believe in talking about themselves.