Writing about learning to write.

I finally decided I’m in love with learning to write. Writing is fun, it’s cool. But I love spending my time learning about writing. And then thinking about how I’ll update my story with the new stuff I’ve learned. Over and over. And again.

It’s kind of like recording a song. I haven’t released a CD in almost 9 years. I’ve written and recorded a lot of songs since then, and re-written them, and re-recorded them. I keep changing the songs – try them this way – maybe go hard rock. Or hey what about funk. Or slow jam.

The same songs. Revised. Re-imagined. Over and over. So that I never ever settle on a real, final song to release. Kind of a way to avoid making anything final. It’s so stupid.

And now, that same approach is slowing this book. “Oh I’ll write it as a comedy!” “Oh I’ll make it darker with more gore!” “What about a straight up crazy lady?”

My story, like my life, is in a constant state of flux. Changing. It’s not even like “oh THIS is an IMPROVEMENT.” it’s just, “HEY THIS IS DIFFERENT!”

I have a fear of commitment to my idea. That must be it. But whatever. I need to commit and roll it out. I’m there. I can do that. And here’s how:

1. Stop reading/listening to other books.
2. Stop watching movies.
3. Start writing.

I think that’s it. These new books/movies I’m taking in are causing me to want to emulate those new things. Over and over. So, I stop and there we go. Right?